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Wasted hours of my life I will never get back:
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Jane Austen's Persuasion

Watching it on PBS - her last book from her deathbed apparently - it's mesmerizing because of the style of the language, people and places but wow what an utterly petty way to exist. Thank goodness the world grew out of this kind of class system (for the most part). Kinda makes it amazing that "only" 200 years later a woman can run for president of a country and be taken seriously (though of course England had a woman as prime minister decades before). Oh and cousins pursing cousins for romance/marriage, another trend I'm glad to see is mostly over. I wonder if in 200 years people will look back at how utterly petty people were about religion, race (and still gender).

Does the *told you so* happy-dance!

Deathly Hallows will be a two part film!

I knew it, I knew it - just too much material.
(then again, it's the Daily Mail so it's easily 100% rubbish)

But would be an awesome decision instead of cramming it into just 2 hours.
Of course they would film it at the same time which will save a bundle yet make more in theaters. But no complaints here, since it will be one of the few films worth a >$8 ticket.

(Stopwatch started on how long until a certain knowledgeable someone shows up to tell me this is likely wrong, LOL!)

New Harry Potter Poster? Or fake?

This got me all excited... it would seem to show the beginning that leads
up to what I consider the creepiest scene in the entire Harry Potter series...

But then I started to enhance it to see what I could make out
and realized that someone had cut and paste objects without true blending
- like an amateur... so perhaps it's a fake...
(either that or it's been scanned with a great deal of compress/decompression...)

Future Timelady

Isn't this just the most adorable photo? Could inspire an entire story...

I wonder how my "photoshop the TARDIS somewhere mysterious" thread is doing on OG
all these many months without me... is it even still alive?

film 7 is going to be impossible!

Ouch my head. Ouch my eyes. I think I brain-damaged myself. After being somewhat critical of the pre-teens/teenagers who stay up all night to finish the Harry Potter books in a day or two, I turn out to be a complete hypocrite and do the exact same thing. Can I blame it on OCD? Hmm.

It was a rather complex story and definitely Rowling's most intricate storyline. But I am not sure of what she held in that yellow folder all those years, unless it was the epilogue (which is unlikely) because the final chapter was too detailed for her to have thought out all those years ago before she created the books inbetween?

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dumbing down books for Americans

If I had any money to spare I'd be importing the UK version of the Harry Potter book series and His Dark Materials. At first I thought, okay they just tinkered with the book titles, and subtle things like "Ministry for Magic" vs "Ministry of Magic" but apparently there are changes to words on nearly every page?
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I try to be considerate on the web when it comes to spoilers, perhaps slipping now and again in my excitement but it's upsetting how three words really took away so much from book 6 in Harry Potter (Half-Blood Prince). Warning, those spoiling words follow...
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creative writing practice websites?

Nearly a decade ago, during my last attempts at creative writing, I used to enjoy visiting a website that was fairly popular which I can't remember/find anymore. It had one subject per day, a phrase or perhaps a single word, and you'd write something short and then go back later to see what other people wrote. Kinda like freewriting.

Does anyone know what I'm talking about, or perhaps a similar site?

facinated with Rowling

Is it possible to be completely fascinated with Jo Rowling and yet only like (vs. love) the Harry Potter series? I am just amazed by her thought process, the level of detail and plotting things out. She should have called it "Harry Plotter", LOL!
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