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getting migraines almost every day now sigh...
PBS has this documentary on about the 60's and I've seen it before but at this time in history it's so freakin' obvious we have learned nothing. The republicans are still warmongers and have their version of Vietnam (Iraq) and are still distracting us with cries for "victory" while their cronies drain the economy dry. The police are still overpowered and overbearing. The only difference is that there is no draft now because they are more clever than that now, so there are fewer activists to fight the injustice.

But the first African American was nominated to be President of the United States today by a major political party and that's a singular striking difference, so maybe there just is hope for this country yet and we're not going in circles. Even though he's let me down with a couple of his decisions recently and he's far from perfect, I still think he can make up for a great deal of damage over the past decade. He certainly can't be any worse.

Happy Birthday Tori!

The amazing Tori Amos turns 45 today, hard to believe!
My most favorite artist, ever, sigh.

ps. you can listen to continuous, random, and LEGAL Tori Amos at any time on the free AOL/CBS radio. Lot's of goodies, including rarities, b-sides, etc. Select ALTERNATIVE from the menu on the left and then look for the "all Tori" station. http://player.play.it/player/aolPlayer.html
Been far too tired and sad this year.

Didn't even watch the last half dozen episodes of Doctor Who - just didn't feel like it after how terrible they had become and Martha was gone.

Skipped every film this year - just absolutely nothing that made me want to see it in the cinema.

But in 114 days the new Harry Potter film arrives, yay!

Obama just voted for Telecom immunity :-(

WTF is going on here? Obama votes for telecom immunity for wiretapping and Hillary votes against? I am so depressed.


I've got a feeling that there is going to be a democratic president but an overwhelming republican congress next term.
So again, nothing will get done.

Sigh, well at least I am not the only one who is worrying about this - she feels exactly how I do:
ARGH! I never saw this coming. Sigh.
Guess I need to apply for Canadian citizenship after all...
(I've moved on from Doctor Who, don't even watch it anymore as it's turned into complete rubbish)

LOST season finale was exciting eh?

My new personal theory about LOST, which goes against some of the things the creators have said, is that an alien spacecraft is buried at the heart of the island having crashed thousands of years ago. It's technical ability, exotic matter energy, is giving the island all these strange properties (plane flying into it's force field when it's not reset properly, ability to move huge amounts of mass, etc) and that Dharma is just trying to reverse engineer all the amazing properties without knowing what's in the center.

The reason why I now believe this is because I read an interview where the creators said the networks interfered early on and removed all references to the show being "sci-fi" to boost viewership numbers. That's why they said "no time travel" when there now clearly is, years on after the show is secure. I think alien-tech is the next revelation. Maybe the ship, or ship's captain (Jacob) is searching for someone compatible with it's technology like Ben or Locke and keeps getting disappointed as they each have issues that interfere.

The "whispers" may be the trapped energy forms (souls) of the beings (the crew) that were on the ship when it crashed, as they talk among themselves about critical events. One of the whispers decoded gave me that idea when the said "Hurley is special, isn't he?"

The "donkey wheel" room kinda convinced me there is more technology than simply "miracles" going on. And it's not typical technology of earth.

So perhaps the greatest trick of LOST is it gets audiences of 15 million to watch "scifi" by simply hiding the category and making it more of a humanity story.

Then there is the Time Loop Theory.

ps. now I'm just waiting for some (more) of the "whispers" during the finale to be decoded

bring back Blakes 7!

This was the 2nd show I ever saw on television (in black and white on a 7 inch set!) as it was after Doctor Who on PBS. If they can bring back Doctor Who, they should make a modern Blake's 7.

bored now...

For anyone that wants, just thought I'd flex my screencapping skillz...
You can count the pimples on their faces if you'd like... LOLs
(I can do others upon request and depending on my mood...)
new wallpaper ->

Russell T. Davies circa 1987

Teehee... (seriously, it's him from "Play School" on BBC in 1987)